WeCube Takes Five: Having a Startup

Starting your own business and devoting your time and passion to make it grow is a huge commitment. We’ve been a first-hand witness to the sweat and tears that our startup founders have put into their own, so we’ve gathered a few points that we have also learned along the way to help you before you stand your ground in the startup industry.

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Double Agent: I Founded a Startup while Keeping My Day Job

We are lucky to have examples of a few brave souls willing to take the steep terrain of entrepreneurship while retaining regular employment. Believe it or not, they’ve managed to live double lives, surviving the dynamics and intricacies of this Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde kind of setup.

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French startups to set up hub in PH

La French Tech, a group of French entrepreneurs which aims to promote growth of information technology start-ups locally and internationally, is adding Manila as one of its hubs globally. The group has developed startup hubs in San Francisco, Barcelona, London, New... read more

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